A fresh look at the role of value communication in enterprise selling and practical pointers for creating effective and "resonant" messaging in record time.
Understanding the hidden complexities of enterprise sales cycles
Convergent vs. divergent selling
Learning to speak the language of the client's competitive landscape
The importance of the corporate persona and mythology 
Becoming bilingual in executive-ese and engineering-ese
Understanding and leveraging learning styles
Putting it all together: Creating highly resonant value communication  
This summary of Bjorn's "4M" approach to personal branding provides concrete steps towards shaping the four pillars of a unique personal brand - Market, Message, Money, and Meaning.
Market - Mapping your customers' business and emotional needs into a truly differentiated and effective value proposition
Message - Creating a comprehensive and integrated communication strategy that makes the most of online and offline channels
Money - Determining your personal cash flow requirements for sustainable positioning
Meaning - Aligning your personal brand with your core values and ensuring future brand elasticity